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Roll Racing 101

The origins of roll racing most likely started in 1911 when the first pace car at the Indianapolis 500 pulled off to let the race cars do a " Flying Start ". Fast forward to modern times, and Northwest Night Motorsports desired to bring an exclusive street / runway style roll racing to the NW as many racers in other parts of the country have been able to enjoy. Roll racing has always been a way for those who desire competition but did not want to spend time or money building certified, and limited use full drag cars to enjoy competition. It allows cars even built for handling to compete in a way that allows the owners to be able to run street or handling setups without having to make many compromises in the name of standing start traction.

As many of you know roll racing involves two drivers picking a start roll speed , and either a decision to stop when one car obviously wins or an agreed upon end roll speed. It is often done in illegal, and unsafe venues which is one huge reason why we wanted to bring a safe, and legal way for racers from any background to be able to enjoy competition on their own terms. Roll racing typically requires not only a knowledge of your own car but of the competition so that you don't agree to a race that plays to the competition's strong points including torque, and gearing.

Our events , and style of events are unique due to the immense car knowledge of the staff. Which allows us to find inexperienced racers other cars to race that are a good match for them. We promote competition, and make sure that all cars from the slowest to the fastest have an enjoyable, legal, and safe time racing other cars in their speed / performance class. Come experience a unique way to test your car against some of the fastest, and also some of the slowest cars in the Pacific NW. Import, domestic, or Euro none of it matters when you cross the line at wide open throttle victorious or defeated.

-- Germaine, NWN Motorsports Editor --