About Us

Northwest Nights Motorsports is a forward thinking group of racing enthusiasts that has worked hard to create an inclusive, and exclusive form of racing not offered by anyone else in the Pacific Northwest. We allow our participants to literally choose what style of racing they prefer in a safe and very competitive environment, where all types of car enthusiasts are welcome. Many that grew disenchanted with the car scene have rekindled their love affair with automobiles and racing due to our unique racing events.

Street Car Challenge events consists of 1/4 mile drag and 1/3 mile roll racing events. We procure tracks such as Spokane County Raceways & Bremerton Motorsports Park allowing the community to race against some of the fastest cars around! If you are looking for a competitive and safe environment for your car, but also would like to be involved with a community of car enthusiasts just like you. NWN Motorsports / NWNSCC members have a variety of vehicles; you can find a competitive and friendly race at any horsepower level. We think you will find that you will not want to miss our local roll and drag racing events. If racing is your passion then we are the group you're looking for. We live to race and race to live!