FiTronic Flex Fuel Evo 8.9
FiTronic Stock ECU Flex Fuel Kit
The FiTronic kits starts at about $600 + tune + installation (if you choose not to install the product yourself).
An ethanol content sensor such as GM will also be required to purchase additionally.
Installation takes only roughly one hour. Pricing will be based on your current tunes, and the time required to retune your machine.

At this time TSComptuned & English Racing are the only resellers of this product. Please contact them for details!

FiTronic Kit Features:
Controller and ECU safety:
- Controller reads ethanol content and temperature and converts that to ECU.
- In case of sensor failure or any broken wire on system, system is commanded ECU to safe state.
- Drops boost.
- Drops timing.
- Adds fuel.
- Lights CEL.
- Safety function protects any system failure during wide open throttle pull, sensor failure during pull does not cause any harm.

- Displays ethanol content and fuel temperature.
- Controller communicates with ECU via OBD port using Mitsubishi MUT protocol, this means display can show any ECU variable on display.
- Supports wideband controller's (like Innovate, AEM etc) serial interface and can display AFR. This means it can be your only gauge.
- Updateable firmware, it means product is not aging on software point of view, in case of new features it's always updateable.
- Supports two (2) external 0-5V sensors like oil or fuel pressure and shows data on display.
- Display can shows 1, 2 or 4 variable on one screen and this is (will be...) user configurable via serial link between PC and controller.

Plug & play wiring kit with connectors:
- Sensor.
- OBD port.
- Power supply and ECU.

What you need extra:
- Ethanol sensor, nothing more.

Recommended upgrades: -Fuel pump
-Electronic boost controller

In conclusion:
Not only does this kit offer these features, But the sending unit box also allows for you to attach any digital device that can send a signal. We can display these parameters in the ECU with Evoscan for example. If you want EGT, Oil Temp, Oil pressure, or anything of this nature, the software can be configured through our hardware to display these settings on the gauge and in Evoscan. Anotherwords, the hardware is very powerful!
Engine / Drivetrain
FiTronic Stock ECU Flex Fuel
Evo 9 IX 4G63 2.0L 9.5:1 Compression
Bored .10 Over
Eagle Rods
Wiseco HD Pistons
ACL Main Bearings
ACL Rod Bearings
ARP Rod Bolts
ARP Headstuds
AMS Balance Shaft Eliminator
P&P Head
3 Angle Valve Grind
GSC S2 Cams
GSC Beehive Springs
GSC Seats
GSC Retainers
GSC Keepers
Kiggly HLA
OEM Timing belt
FIC 1450's
ETS - FP HTA3582R w/ .82 AR
Tial Waste Gate
ETS Exhaust Manifold
ETS Upper IC Pipe
STM EGR Delete
Greddy Ti-C Exhaust
Graphic Custom Intake
Graphic Custom Catch Can and Fittings
Graphic Custom Coil on Plug
Speed Density Omni 4 BAR MAP
AEM UEGO Wide Band 02
AEM TruBoost Controller
ARC Oil Cap
Powder Coated Valve Cover
Optima Red Top Battery
Buschur Double Pumper
Magnus V5
Magnus Heat Barrier Gasket
Magnus Ported 70MM TB Spacer/Adptor
FullBlown 70mm TB
ETS Short Route UICP
Competition Twin Disk Clutch
Light Fly Wheel
Shep Stage II Transmission
Custom Short Shift
Buschur Racing Billet Shifter Bushings
Buschur Racing Billet Shifter Base Bushings

All machine work completed by:

Wheels / Suspension / Brakes:
Rota G-Forces 18x10 +38
Hankook Evo v12 Ventus 285/30/18
GTWorx Ohlins Ohlin R&T DFV Coilovers
10K Eibach Front Coils
12K Hyperco Rear Coils
R/T Ernie Custom End-Links
Centric Premium Rotors
EBC Yellow Pads
Stoptech FRS Steel Braided lines
Motul RBF 600 brake fluid
Ichaba centric spacers
Interior / Exterior
Recaro Black Leather Carbon Kevlar Racing Seats
Custom Seat Brackets
Group-S Gauge Pod (I will probably switch to a carputer and a double din)
Evo IX Rear Leather Seats
X Line Fuel Pressure Gauge
X Line Oil Pressure Gauge
X Line Oil Temp Gauge
AEM UEGO Wide Band Gauge
AEM TruBoost Gauge / Controller
Evo IX Front Bumper
APR Front Diffuser / Undertray w/ Quick Release Mounts (to be installed)
Rexpeed Evo 9 MR SE Carbon Splitter (to be installed)
Rexpeed CT9A Carbon Side Skirt Extension (to be installed)
Rexpeed Type-1 Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler
JDM Rear Bumper
JDM Rear Tail's
Painted Front Head Lights
Short Antenna
Carbon Vortex Generator